The Doctor of Ministry requires 33 hours. This includes 24 hours of course work (8 classes) and the thesis project (9 hours).
Three courses are required, and are usually offered twice each year.
             EVAN 851: 21st Century Techniques and Tools for the Revitalization of the Church
             PACO 852: Growth and Development of the Contemporary Minister
             EDMN 876: Creative Ministry Uses for the Computer
D. Min. students can then select 5 additional courses of their choice or may choose one of five concentrations. If a concentration is chosen, the thesis project must be in that discipline of the concentration.
Concentration in Evangelism and Church Planting (select three of the following)
          EVAN 910: Spiritual Factors of Church Growth        
          PATH 910: Principles and Practices of Prayer         
          EVAN 930: Revivals and Church Growth                 
          EVAN 950: Leading the Healthy Church                                         
          EVAN 970: Building a Dynamic Church Evangelism Strategy 
Concentration in Expository and Evangelistic Preaching
             HOMI 960: Biblical Hermeneutics and Exposition
             HOMI 966: Expository Preaching Practicum
             HOMI 967: Evangelistic Preaching Practicum
Concentration in Leadership and Management
             PACO 970: Pastoral Leadership
             EDMN 972: Managing the Local Church
             EDMN 974: Developing Lay Leadership
Concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling
             PACO 801: Pastoral Care and Counseling in the New Millennium Church
             PACO 980: Ministering to Troubled Families
             PACO 985: Pastoral Counseling Couples in Distress
Concentration in Worship (select 3 of the following)
          WRSP 801 - The Dynamics of Corporate Worship        
          WRSP 820 – Role of the Worship Leader                   
          WRSP 840 - Current Issues in Worship
          WRSP 851- Building a Balanced Worship Ministry             
          WRSP 935 - Building A Theology of Worship                                
          WRSP 945 - The Role of the Pastor with the Worship Leader